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Crosses of the Wehrmacht Iron Cross, German Cross, War Merit Cross and Spain Cross.

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Old 12-27-2014, 03:49 AM   #46
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Default Wow

Thx for your help guys! I identified 3 of my EK1s!

New to EKII's
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Default New to EKII's

Hi guys, i'm new to collecting the EKII and have many questions as i've been focusing on documents. Here are my questions: What does B-type mean? How can you identify a B.H Mayer EKII unmarked variant from a Deschler & Sohn EKII unmarked variant? How do you identify a schinkel form EKII (is it from the material used? When i see photos of schinkel form EKII's to other variants, they look quite similar. I thought it had to do with the size but i must be wrong). What does Core A, B, C mean? What does LDO mean?

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Hi Trevor, I have an EK2 marked 925 on the ring, it was in the Gordon Williamson Book a few years ago, on page 83 under Ed Anderson's name, which I got from him a few years ago, do we know where this one fits in yet? or is it the silver content?


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Wolfgang Schwar
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Originally Posted by realone View Post
Hi Trevor, I have an EK2 marked 925 on the ring, it was in the Gordon Williamson Book a few years ago, on page 83 under Ed Anderson's name, which I got from him a few years ago, do we know where this one fits in yet? or is it the silver content?

Hi.I think the highest maker No. is 138 Julius Maurer.Best regards Wolfgang.

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Could be a silver content mark?

Old 05-07-2015, 02:34 PM   #51
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Thanks guys, I think its the silver content also,,only one I have ever seen, does anyone else have one to show? Trevor your thoughts?


Old 05-08-2015, 08:02 AM   #52
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Hey Greg,

I know 925 as a silver marking on Imperial EK2 rings. It signifies sterling silver, and sterling silver frames are pretty easy to identify in-hand. They tarnish deeply and evenly. I've never seen that mark on a 1939 EK so I'd guess it's a replaced ring but without pics it's hard to say for sure.
Best regards,

Looking for ROUND BUTTON 1939 EK1 Spange cases (LDO or PKZ)

Old 01-27-2016, 03:50 PM   #53
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Nice list I also want to start collecting ek2 but there are so many for sale.

Which makers are rare and should i buy when i see them?

Old 01-17-2018, 04:04 AM   #54
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Deschler & Sohn 1
Round-3 "Thick Frame" variant
Round-3 "Deschler Frame" variant
marked "1"

C.E. Juncker 2
WFS frame (non-mag. WFS core)
WFS frame (mag. WFS core)
crunch-bead frame (non-mag. WFS core)
crunch bead frame (mag., Juncker core) aka "full Juncker"
crunch bead frame (mag., W&L core)
crunch bead frame (mag., L/12 marked) (1)
common L/12 type frame (unmarked)
common L/12 type frame (marked L/12)

Wilhelm Deumer 3
Schinkel (mag.)
Schinkel (non-mag.)
marked 3
marked L/11

Steinhauer & Lück 4
marked 4
marked L/16
marked 4 and L/16

Fritz Zimmermann 6
thin beading frame unmarked, slim date numerals core
thin beading frame marked 6.
fat beading frame marked 6.

Paul Meybauer 7
Schinkel glossy paint
Schinkel matte paint
marked 7
marked L/13
marked 7 and L/13

Grossmann & Co. 11
marked 11

Frank & Reif 12
Ubergroße (unmarked)
Ubergroße "Little Brother" (unmarked)

Gustav Brehmer 13
marked 13

L. Christian Lauer 14
marked 14

Friedrich Orth 15
marked 15

Alois Rettenmaier 16
marked 16

E. Ferd Weidmann 19
marked 19

Gebrüder Godet 21
unmarked early frame type
unmarked later frame type
marked 21 later frame type

Boerger & Co. 22
marked 22

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Heeresbedarf in der Graveur- und Ziselierinnung 23
marked 23 with 23 core
marked 23 Meybauer core

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller 24
unmarked with ancillary mark on jumping: (list needed)
marked 24
marked 24 with ancillary mark on jumping: (list needed)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveur-, Gold- und Silberschemiedeinnungen 25
marked 25

B.H. Mayer
Schinkel (unmarked) (1)
unmarked (Schinkel core/LDO frame) (1)
unmarked (regular Mayer core/LDO frame) (1)
marked L/18

Anton Schenkl's Nachf. (Maria Schenkl) 27
unmarked with # frame
marked 27 with # frame
marked 27 with standard frame

F.W. Assmann & Söhne 35
Schinkel (non-mag)
Schinkel (mag)

Berg & Nolte 40
marked 40

Jakob Bengel 44
marked 44

Gottlieb & Wagner 52
marked 52

J.E. Hammer & Söhne 55
marked 55

Robert Hauschild 56
marked 56 core 1
marked 56 core 2

Katz & Deyhle 60
marked 60

Klein & Quenzer A.G. 65
unmarked core 1
marked 65 core 1
marked 65 core 2
marked 65 core 3
marked 65 core 4
marked 65 core 5

Friedrich Keller 66
marked 66

75 (Unknown Maker)
marked 75

Ernst L. Müller 76
marked 76

Paulmann & Crone 86
unmarked (non-mag)
unmarked (mag)

Richard Simm & Söhne 93
marked 93

Rudolf Souval 98
marked 98
marked L/58

Rudolf Wächtler & Lange 100
marked 100
marked L55

Brüder Schneider 106
marked 106

Walter & Henlein 109

Hermann Aurich 113
marked 113

Funke & Brunninghaus 116
marked L/56

Franz Petzl 120
marked 120

J.J. Stahl 122
marked 122

Beck, Hassinger & Co. 123
marked 123
marked [123]

Eugen Gauss 125
marked 125

Moritz Hausch A.G. 127
unmarked (1)(2)

S. Jablonski G.m.b.H. 128
marked 128

Franz Reischauer 132
marked 132

J.H. Werner 137
marked 137

Julius Maurer 138
marked 138

Schauerte & Hohfeld 140
Schinkel (non-mag)
Schinkel (mag)
marked L/54

Otto Schickle L/15
Schinkel one-piece (mag)
Schinkel one-piece (non-mag)
unmarked (mag.)
unmarked (non-mag.)
marked L/15 (mag.)
marked L/15 (non-mag.)

Petz & Lorenz (no number known)
one-piece unmarked

Unknown Makers
"Long Flaw" "Lug variant." Two cores known: "Small RK core" and "Juncker WFS" core.
"Lug" unmarked. Three core types known: typical lug core "small RK" core, and "Juncker WFS" core.
"Lug" marked Z
"Small Frame" uses Juncker's "WFS core" but has a different frame.
Round-3 beveled-edge frame
Round-3 swas-on-pedestal, pebbled core surface (possible Deschler)
Straight-9 Schinkel
Unknown Maker Schinkel
"Odd Date"
"8" variant, this cross is not manufactured by maker 8, it just doesn't have another name.
"Straight-Arm" variant
Spanish-made (various types)
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