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SteveT is not the only one to have worked on the GL, if you use your brain and get pictures and documents you can get similar results.
More infos surfaced since then.

I don't know what the regulations on GL (no one knows for sure), but imo Wolfrum should not have been awarded the GL.
He was walking with a limp... Gosh. Where is the "proficiency" here ? He was so good that he was in training schools, like many other heavily wounded officers.
His case is a very specific exception.
And you try to use that to prove that an SS-Stubaf of the SD in the Warthegau could get the badge too ?

The infos we have of the dozen of Prüfungsbücher show that it was hard to get the badge, especially the silver one. Hard because of excellent results asked in each sport competition.

You can't use an exception to make a generality, this is an insult to critical thinking (despite unfortunately it is done very often on the WAF).

We cannot make assumptions when

- no one has any single proof of "who butchered the back of the GL" i can give you hundred of examples of GI doing the same,

- the GL is not a crappy Luftwaffe speciality badge given to dozen of thousands, this is one of the rarest badges of the German army, this is rarer that a 1st BO type !

- to date, no archives for the GL exist about age and grade, but most of the names we have are of soldiers from Norway, The Netherlands or France that are of young enlisted members who got their GL during their basic physical training,

- if "Bahr" data are in the open, unless i'm blind there is nothing about his GL. I advise you to investigate on that.
And even if this SS-Stubaf Bahr got the GL, there is no proof that the eMedals GL is his own,

- the regulations of where to pass the sport competitions are mainly unknown, but we know that the GL was awarded in SS training schools like Avegoor, Sennheim, Prague and Kongsvinger. Again, it should imply that someone from the Warthegau had to ask to pass the competitions somewhere in the area.

To conclude, unless you are a crippled man like Wolfrum, here is what is taken from facts :
- competitions happened in SS basic training schools
- for young enlisted volunteers
- to pass the competitions was very hard
- only 1300 soldiers got the award badge (when hundred of thousand enlisted at the same time in the Waffen-SS)

All that doesn't match any logical explaination of SS-Stubaf Bahr getting the GL.

See You


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Steve Co.
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Member Mikedenmark has posted an excellent film showing the GL being awarded to Danish volunteers. here http://www.forsvaret.tv/#!/video/85CF2445 .

Regards Steve.
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Originally Posted by FrenchVolunteer View Post

It is very unlikely (if not ridiculous) to think that a 35-years old SD SS-Sturmbannfüher from the Warthegau will pass the GL physical tests, even for the bronze badge...
You needed to be very a good athlete, this is not surprising that only less than probably 1300 soldiers were awarded. 1300 on hundred of thousand who were enlisted in the Waffen-SS between 1943 and 1945.

A SS awarded with the badge would not do a sloppy job like that to "mark" his award (even more an SS-Stubaf !).
More like the work of someone who "liberated" it.

Fully agree, mon ami!
Sic transit gloria mundi!
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Originally Posted by FrenchVolunteer View Post

it is very unlikely (if not ridiculous) to think that a 35-years old SD SS-Sturmbannfüher from the Warthegau will pass the GL physical tests, even for the bronze badge...
Note to mention
See You

From the looks of some of the awardees i would say some were right up there in the 35 year old range.
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