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RK group researched
Old 10-02-2019, 12:49 AM   #1
Angel Farré
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Default RK group researched

Another RK group from my collection that I want to present you. This time an infantry NCO.

Unfortunately again no Soldbuch or Wehrpass, but not least an interesting one and I have gathered a lot of info about this man.

Herbert Tulodetzki was born in Osterschau, Eastern Prussia on October 21st, 1920.

According to his release papers he was married with no children and a profesional solider.

At least he was wounded no less than three times (in the only photo I found he is wearing a silver or gold Wound Badge) and his body can show scars in his left upper arm, right knee, right arm and head.

He started his career around mid 1.939and his first combat unit was 9./I.R. 3 from the 21 I.D..

With this unit I suppose he took part in the Poland campaign (a mere guess, but due the fact he was a Gefreiter on July 1.940 I think he was active at the time of the beginning of war) He went trough Kolno, Narew, Nowgorod, Bialystock and Wolkowyssk.

Next was taken a nice trip to Western Europe and he went to Luxembourg, Belgium, Mezieres, Charleville, Aisne, Pethes, St. Menehould and Her le Duc.

For his part in the French campaign he was rewarded with the Iron Cross 2nd class which he received on July 20th, 1.940 as Gefreiter serving with 9./I.R. 3 and his citation is signed by Generalmajor und Kommandeur der 21 Infanterie Division Otto Sponheimer who received for the command of this division the RK on August 8th, 1941 as Generalleutnant and the DKiG on November 29th, 1.942 with the same rank.

The division was part of the occupation forces till September when she was back to Germany.

On October 1.940 Stab, Nachrichtenzug and III./I.R. 3 were transfer to the new I.R. 401, 121 I.D. so our man goes with them to his, now, new unit.

With the 121 he served on the northern sector of the East Front from beginning till October 44 and then trapped in the Courland area.

He was wounded for the first time on September 8th, 1.941 and was transferred to an hospital in Metz, there he received the Wound Badge in black on November 18th, 1.941 as Unteroffizier with 2,/I.R. 407. Due this wound and the time to recover I think he never received the Ostmedaille (other clue is the absence of the ribbon from this meal in the picture I have)

Back to the front he Cleary exceded the expectations and was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class on August 4th, 1.943 while an Unteroffizier serving in the 2./G.R 407 signed by Generalleutnant Helmuth Priest, RK while commanding the 121 I.D. on March 7th, 1.944.

The fierce of the fight was demonstrated but the fact of the war of the Close Combat Clasp in bronze to our soldier on May 1st, 1944 as a Feldwebel serving with his beloved 2,/G.R. 407 and the citation is signed by Oberstleutnant Rudolf von Tycowicz who received the DKiG on March 14th, 1.942 as Hauptmann with II./I.R. 1, RK as Oberst on September 2nd, 1.944 with G.R. 407 and EB in 1.945 (no day or month details available) as Oberst with G.R. 407.

His finest moment will be during the fights in the first and second Courland battles when his bravery was enough to receive the Knight Cross on November 5th, 1.944 (citation dated on 7th) as Führer 2./Grenadier Regiment 407 with the rank of Oberfeldwebel.

Another proof of his brave and continuous service was his award of the Close Combat Clasp in silver which he obtained on November 16th, 1944 serving with the 2./G.R. 407 and signed also by von Tycowicz.

Unfortunately Tulodetzi was taken P.O.W. by the Russian on May 8th, 1.945 and not returned till December 1.949 when he arrived by train to Friedland, in the British sector where he was medical examined and released on 10th and sent by train to Hesedorf-Bremervörde.

With the group comes some documents apart for his P.O.W. release document.

Confirmation of his promotion to Oberfeldwebel on September 1st, 1944. Document dated November 25th and signed also by von Tycowicz.

Two telegrams congratulating him for his RK award, one from Heeresgroup Nord (Generaloberst Schörner and one from 18th Army (General der Infanterie Boege)

A letter of congratulation from Generalkommando X Armeekops, signed by General der Infanterie Hermann Fortsch, DKiG on July 10th, 1.943 while as Chef GenSt. Heeresgruppe E and RK on August 27th, 1.944 as commander of 121 I.D.

Any update or extra info is welcomed.


Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.
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Old 10-02-2019, 12:52 AM   #2
Angel Farré
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POW release and photo, unfortunately photo is from the net thanks to Sepp45 so if anyone knows where can I find a copy or any other image from his I will be grateful.

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Tulodetzki 2.jpg (100.8 KB, 160 views)
Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.
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Old 10-05-2019, 12:41 PM   #3
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amazing group indeed. It is also funny how those non German names usually have typos in award documents.. almost a rule !
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Old 10-06-2019, 02:44 PM   #4
Lionel H.
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The 121.I.D. was mostly formed upon east-prussian recruits, a large percentage have names of polish origin, quite logically.
Looking for all Items related to 4.Pz.Div., Kriegsschule POTSDAM, Schule KRAMPNITZ, just drop me a PM !!
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