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I've had a couple of dozens of the 1967-1976 jackets and parkas in my hands over the years and have seen far more than that on eBay listings. There's lots of variations in the way the BGS demilled these uniforms, but here are the three main ones:

1. Cuts to the back and slashes to the arm pocket flap with badging still present
2. Cuts to the back and arm pocket flap cut off
3. Arm pocket flap removed, no other damage

Interestingly, a fair number of jackets and parkas slipped through without any damage at all. I've had examples that were well worn, others brand new. My guess is that when the BGS decided to discontinue camouflage entirely they didn't feel the need to spend money on demilling. I base this theory in part on the seemingly disproportionate 1975 production examples I've seen with no damage.

There are also far more demilled jackets and parkas out there than undamaged ones, but patience and watching eBay closely can pay off. It did for me

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