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PZ is more like Panzer. Sounds good though I have started as PZO - Polskie Zakłady Optyczne Most period pictures are unfortunately black and white. Inside of my Rohrkasten for Flak 30 is painted in 3 colour camouflage pattern. If You wish I can try to make more close up pictures to determine if it is more gloss or Matt finish. Kasten is 1938 dated so it is close to date on Laufschutzer. Yes, people, let's help Tim to make his Laufschutzer look like it should. By the way, share pictures of Your tiny bits of camouflage on 1936 dated Layfschutzer

Originally Posted by timg View Post
PZO.........or may I call you PZ ?

I have been trying to find convincing images of MG34 gear in 3 colour camo for about 6 years now on and off, I have only found Ammo boxes and Laffette pics. So getting an image is easier said than done

Never ever have I seen a Laufshutzer in full 3 colour except for tiny bits on my 36 dated one and of course the MG13 Kit that you see for sale. Even then, some is a really gloss finish and others more Matt. Difficult to make a decision.

Any advanced or long term collectors out in the big wide world who have a diamond MG34 barrel carrier in Wiemar 3 colour camo in the collection, most indebted if you could get a couple of colour pics up to give me a bit of direction
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