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Originally Posted by pzo View Post
Tim, keeping this lovely Laufschutzer in this condition deserves only for thisdave: Find pictures of nice original (unless You have one in collection), best if also 1937 dated and paint it as exact copy. It must be done!
PZO.........or may I call you PZ ?

I have been trying to find convincing images of MG34 gear in 3 colour camo for about 6 years now on and off, I have only found Ammo boxes and Laffette pics. So getting an image is easier said than done

Never ever have I seen a Laufshutzer in full 3 colour except for tiny bits on my 36 dated one and of course the MG13 Kit that you see for sale. Even then, some is a really gloss finish and others more Matt. Difficult to make a decision.

Any advanced or long term collectors out in the big wide world who have a diamond MG34 barrel carrier in Wiemar 3 colour camo in the collection, most indebted if you could get a couple of colour pics up to give me a bit of direction
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