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I have several pics of coveralls in use by Heer pz troops and mechanicals, but i don't recall to have seen yet one made with the "true" HBT material, as used for the issue drillich standart uniforms or for the 3 regular types of protective drillich uniforms.

Those are made of HBT material, as their are initialy drillich tunics and trousers modified and seewn together :

Most of the coveralls used, german made or Beute, were manufactured with denim different types of materials, like in the colored pic above.
The 2 patterns of early prewar ones were made with moleskin material.
I have identified at least 23 secondary different patterns used during the war, and 2 proeminents patterns produced in larger quantities
Notice that the LW ones were made wit HBT material, and commonly used when they were avaibles by mechanicals of armored units.
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