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Originally Posted by DennyB View Post
Here is an old photo from the '70s of the police department that I retired from. It is part of a SWAT operation. The purpose is to show the SWAT uniforms were surplus jungle fatigues that they bought in bulk at a local surplus store. Their raid jackets were the Vietnam issue, USMC if I recall correctly, flak jackets.
Eventually they dyed the fatigues black. I don't know when they started making reproduction jungle fatigues but this, as I said, was the '70s and I know they were original. I recall thinking at the time: "Too bad, one day these things will be as collectible as WWII stuff now." It is hard to say how many sets of original unissued jungle fatigues they destroyed.

What a superb image! Those red & blues were bigger than a cows head back then. Thanks for putting your rear end on the line.

The man far right almost looks like he's wearing a Navy/USMC flight suit with Navy deck boots, an M-69 frag vest with 3/4 collar with web gear and what looks like an M18 gasmask bag. The USMC flight suit is darker shade of green than the army flight suit. 2nd to left appears to be wearing an Army N-2KB flight suit instead of jungles or fats. Another is sporting a full H-harness with butt pack, and there are plenty of Vietnam era jungle boots in that image as well as the jungle utilities as you pointed out. Love the Remington 700 in the mix pre-choate stocks, doubt its a Corps M40 as the scope isn't a Redfield.

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