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Originally Posted by Gene T View Post
... but is your name Craig or Criag? I think most of us instinctively (mis?)read it as the former, yet it isn't the way your user name is spelled.

I also notice that Bernhard's recent Bundesgendarmerie thread has been relocated here. Does that mean post war Austrian militaria topics are welcome here as well, even though they technically involve a different country? With the departure of BRD from the International forum, most of the traffic there will be SE Asia related (unless and until that too spins off into its own forum). Perhaps the Bundesheer would feel more comfortable hanging out with its Bundeswehr cousin over here than with the ARVN strangers over there?

Gene T
Gene T,

Thanks for pointing out this Bundesheer thread. I have already requested that Ralph move the thread I started on the Bundesheer Combat Knife back to the International Forum. . Ralph will probably move the one on Bundesgendarerie back to the International Forum once he reads your post. I, for one, think we should keep the BRD and the Austrian sections separately. Too often you look at something on the net labled as Bundesheer to find pictures of Bundewehr Heer artifacts pictured.


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