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The number of deaths from the Chernobyl accident, direct and indirect can be disputed. But in the long run, we know what ionizing radiation does to our cells. It mutates them, and we know very well that mutations in cells is closely related to Cancer.
Depending on how much ionizing radition you're exposed to and for how long is the key however will it affect you.
E.g. spending 1 hour exposed to 1 Sievert is a lot more harmfull than 10 days in 0.1 Sieverts exposure.

Regarding the firefighters being radioactive, I don't know. Smoke and other particles inhaled considered.
What I do know is that their clothes still located in the basement of the Pripyat hospital, remain until present day highly radioactive even after 33 years. Measuring levels of 0.3 - 0.5 Sieverts I recall from a video where the radition of them were measured.

Searching for memories from our darkest days.

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