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I think Mike is spot on. There are some tells in these wings that can be used to differentiate between the newer fakes and the older vintage A&C wings.

There are some nice threads on the USMF forum that talk about some of these tells.

Because pins can be replaced/repaired, I have always focused on the various die-faults, hallmark fonts, and other tells then just the hardware. Not everyone has to agree, but I have found that works pretty well for differentiating the good from the bad.

Here are some of the tells in a A&C Navigator wing (which is used as the same base for some of the other ratings (bombardier, AC, etc)

One thing about these wings in the OP, is that if you look very carefully JUST between the two top legs of the "N", you will see a small blip. That is one of the characteristic die flaws that do not appear in the reproductions.
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