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Originally Posted by germanmedals View Post
Only place that i have seen BW stuff for sale is Ebay. There jacketscgo for like you said...even maybe un rage 300-400. But here the main factor is the proveniance and all the orher documents, pictures.... i will do som more research and then place it for sale. Would 2000 eur ba a fair price for such lot?
There's a problem with valuing a collection of items. Individual prices are usually higher when items are sold separately vs. as a group. Part of it is "group discount" mentality, part of it is people tend to not have that sort of money available BUT do have 200-300 EUR to spend. The fact that this is all from one officer, and the uniforms are largely intact, increases the value of it as a group (IMHO).

If these items sold separately I think each of the service jackets would go for around EUR 300-400, smoking jacket maybe EUR 150, the overcoat is not that desirable so perhaps EUR 80, the hat in the EUR 80-100 range. Which means the uniform components of this collection are worth maybe around EUR 1200 if sold separately.

It is unclear if trousers, shirts, ties, shoes, or other things are included. The value of each is fairly low, but they would add more value to the collection.

The supporting pictures and what not... oh, I dunno. Maybe another EUR 50 or so on top. Any shipping costs should be calculated based on actual value.

Depending on how many extras come with this, and how much the buyer values having all of the items, I'm thinking somewhere in the EUR 1300-1500 range tops. EUR 2000 is too much.

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