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Yes, I am sure somebody out there knows why these prongs were attached to these badges. There are, apparently, quite a few of these badges out there.

Why would Assmann make a run of badges with prongs? If they were salesman samples, they would be quite rare. Evidently, they are not that rare.

This badge was only used for one year, 1957-58. How many plaques could have been given out in that year to justify making a large run of these badges?

Why could these pronged badges not be used on uniforms? They could be easily attached by making two small holes in the shirt, just like with screwback awards, but it would ruin the shirt.

I am not able to think out of the box. Can anybody help?

p.s. These prongs call to mind the Hungarian parachute badges. All of them had flexible prongs on the back, albeit of a different kind, but still prongs.
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