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Somehow I missed this story when it first came to light 3 years ago:

My initial reaction was that this had to be a hoax, but apparently it was not!

Of course, whenever a legitimate medical report passes through the popular media, what comes out at the other end doesn't necessarily bear any resemblance with what went in, to put it charitably, for instance this rather egregious piece:

Note how "(t)he condition has been diagnosed in 74 per cent of the soldiers who have visited German army medics with symptoms" in the Daily Mail story has morphed into "(n)early 75 percent of the soldiers in the elite Wachbataillon guard unit have visited army medics with the same condition" in "The Week" report, in which the 'journalist' left out the rather crucial bit about the condition affecting only 35 soldiers from the WB, presumably because she was too busy cramming silly jokes into her short piece.

And then we wonder where "fake news" came from...

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