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Additionally, you may run in to these ...
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Default Additionally, you may run in to these ...

The old kanji for numbers are still used today, especially when writing rank diplomas (2nd Rank, 3rd Rank) or checks/cheques. For instance, the number (2) cannot be falsified; whereas (2) can be falsified to "3" with the addition of a single stroke: plus equals

For example, someone who has received a 2nd rank in kendo (kendo ni-dan) could -- if he has no scruples, change it to a 3rd rank IF the standard numerals were used:

剣道 [kendo 2nd rank] can be falsified to
剣道 [kendo, 3rd rank] with one expert stroke.

But when the old kanji are used, this forgery is impossible:
剣道 [kendo 2nd rank] could not be manipulated to
剣道 [kendo 3rd rank]

In certificates, the number 1 is never used, always [sho/initial] step:
剣道 初段 [kendo shodan]

2 二 .
3 三 . 参
4 四 . 肆 [no longer used]
5 五 . [no longer used]
6 六 . 陸 [no longer used]
7 七 . 柒 or 漆 [no longer used]
8 八 . 捌 [no longer used]
9 九 . 玖 [no longer used]
10 十 .

--Guy Power
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