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2 Very early BW off. visors
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Default 2 Very early BW off. visors

I posted this a few days ago in the TR cloth headgear section. Now I see that this is most likely the section in which to put it.

I just picked up these two very interesting early BW visors. They belonged to the same man. Interestingly, one seems much more blue than the other.

They come from a fairly extensive grouping. The fellow was Pioneer Lt who sevred in Poland 1939, France 1940, Russia 1941, Normandy 1944 and then finished the war in the east. He spent 5 years as a Soviet POW then rejoined after the Bundeswehr was created.

The hats are from the same manufacturer but just a little bit different. It's neat to notice that the maker was on Dachuerstrasse in Munich. Just down the street from where the big Munich flea market was back in the 80s. I must have driven past that hat maker a dozen times on my way to bargain hunting at the floh markt.

Ken N

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