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June 22nd 1976 was a tough day for Peiper. On that day the paper L'Humanité published an article called 'Qui protège les criminels du Guerre?' about him at Traves. During the morning-hours Peiper was questioned by the French police which lasted for serveral hours.

French Journalist A. Moissé called him twice and finally Peiper granted him an interview. In the evening-sun the interview lasted more than one hour. Peiper freely answered all questions and gave permission to photographer Marc Paygnard to make a few shots. Peiper seemed to be relaxed although Moissé felt a bit tension in his appearance.

Was he worried after all? Not only the events of this day, but also of the last years, truly exchausted Peiper who later that evening wrote a letter of goodbye to his wife Sigurd.
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