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SGT Frank Cassidy, 17th ABN DIV WW2 Grouping
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Default SGT Frank Cassidy, 17th ABN DIV WW2 Grouping

Here is a named grouping that I can vouch for as 100% authentic. Yes, this was my Dads Uniform.

SGT Francis C. Cassidy Jr. (Frank)
SN 11050770
U.S. Paratrooper Uniform
Born 25 Feb 1916, entered service on 14 Feb 1942. Graduated Jump School on 5 Feb 1944. Assigned to 139th Airborne Engineers, 17th Airborne Division. Participated in Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe Campaigns. Also participated in operation Varsity and was the first American soldier in the German City of Essen. (See Unit the 139th History) Complete Uniform as issued to him includes, M42 Jump Jacket, Wings, Pants, Cap, undershirt, dog tags, camouflage parachute scarf . (Note the captured flag and other items that he brought back) To think that we used to wear this stuff around and play with it. However, I did save everything. I had his sterling issue wings pinned on me when I graduated Jump School in 1981. One of the coolest things that he had were JR Gaunt Brit made wings. He thought that they were junk! Now, look at what a real set brings! Note his Jump School Graduation Certificate on the wall.
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