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Well case in point .
I was looking through my computer and found these Windproof pattern shots .
I will show pattern #1 first .

The Windproof pattern was introduced to the world be the British in 1942 .
It came in a 2 piece set .
A smock and a pair of trousers .
Also issued but seldom seen was a tanker suit .
The British printed this pattern on 2 distinct weights of fabric .
Most common was the polished cotton type .

The French were given unused garments from British surplus sometime in the late 1940s .
These sets were designed to be worn as overgarments ,so it was common for the French and Vietnamese to tailor them for a stylish fit .

So the pattern took on many names , Sausage skins comes to mind as one .
Also SAS pattern ,but to me this is wrong as it was a general issue item .

By the 1961 the Viets had reproduced the pattern themselfs .
This first pattern closely matched the original British version .
Here is the Vietnamese first pattern .
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