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Hi Bart

I had a feeling you'd know what it was

The metal is in pretty good condition and you can see some of the paint left, the wood parts have been mostly burnt away but you can see that some of the leather fittings are still there.

Unfortunately i couldn't take it along with me, i had simply no room for it
But i could tell you exactly where it is. It's only 50m from the main road at a place called Nieden. It's where the last major engagement took place on Norwegian soil between advancing Soviet troops and GJR 143. Although much of that spot is now a camping ground (there were German trenches 5m away from our tent!) so i couldn't investigate as much as i'd have liked, i still found good evidence of the fighting there. The place has been cleaned up a lot and this was the largest thing i found.

BTW, Hauptmann Eduard Altacher, führer of II./GJR 143 won the RK for his unit's defence of Nieden.
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