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NSKK Traffic Paddle - Opinions Please
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Default NSKK Traffic Paddle - Opinions Please

Reposting in this forum; no responses in Political:

Hi all,
I have an interesting recent pickup. It would appear to be an original feldgendarmerie type folding packable traffic paddle, with an NSKK decal applied.

I'm not sure if the decal is period or postwar. It is old and thick and doesn't look too recently modern, but I don't have much experience with decals. The decal is severed in the middle to allow folding.

Measures 50 cm total length and the circle diameter is 20 cm. What looks like a different lighter layer of paint in the pics is actually the original paint but where some type of film has peeled away (thin plastic-like; reflective coating maybe?; I don't think it's lacquer). I think the decal was originally under that outer layer also, although it's hard to tell.

Anyway - opinions appreciated!

Thanks, Justin
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