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Knight's Cross by Klein & Quenzer
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Default Knight's Cross by Klein & Quenzer

Hi all,

it's been a long time singe i was showing something from my collection, so now i will start with a nice KC by Klein & Quenzer.

The receiptment was Ernst Süß, a fighter ace.
He was awarded the KC as Flugzeugführer 9. / Jagdgeschwader 52, on September 4th, 1942.

Ernst Süß was killed on 20th December 1943 while hanging in his parachute.
Maybe this is the reason why the KC is a bit deformed ???

With this KC also came a DKiG from Zimmermann and a Pilot badge.

For me, personal, a very nice (and tragical) piece of history.

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King Regards,

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Soldbuch / Wehrpass of my grandfather "Franz Schwark"
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