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Default Dedication

Originally Posted by Br. James View Post
"Great reply. Thanks for your time Serge"

No doubt about it! I couldn't agree more -- the patience, the experience and the balance of this reply is the very reason why Serge M. is the Moderator of this Forum. We are blessed to have him here!

Br. James
+1 Serge you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Upon first inspection of the dagger in question, what stood out to me was the dedication. It's flawless. To the point it was odd only because the rest of the obverse clearly shows runner marks, scratches etc. You would think the wear would at some point contribute to at least some imperfections in the dedication.

This doesn't seem to be the case here. Also there (at least from where I sit) appears to be a difference in the burnishing in the etch and dedication vs. the makers mark. The makers marks' burnishing appears lighter. Again my hats off to Serge for his in-depth analysis of this dagger. You just never stop learning here.

To be clear, I'm not poo pooing this dagger. Just pointing out what my eyes saw. But, thats why I stick to Eickhorns. IMO, you could probably write a book just on the Röhm SA/SS daggers.

Always looking for etched bayonets.....Especially Eickhorns
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