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Sure, no problem.
However, you have picked a Pack Full Rohm, a variant that is NOT the textbook accepted version with the solid hammer head.
That said, it has been floated around the last decade or so that Pack had issued a couple (at least) variant's of Rohm dedicated SA/NSKK dagger with variants in the dedication and the logo.
There is one accepted by most all Pack Rohm's with a solid Hammer Seigfreid logo, but the one you show is clearly not it.

OK, I know, is yours real ?
Well I can't say 100% of it's bad or good, and I've studied these for awhile.
This so called variant many collectors don't like but don't want to commit a opinion currently due to the uncertainty of this feature, probably the reason nobody posted a opinion yet on this thread (my guess).
To note, this variant (from what I hear) has been the most returned Full Rohm to dealers.
That's not saying it's BAD, just saying that there is discussion about this 'variant' with Rohm dagger aficionados collectors.
That said, some very experienced dealer/collectors DO like it.
See this Tom Wittmann Presentation from the MAX 2015 show go to the end 1.46 minutes:

So what does all that mean ?
Well you decide.
One thing for sure is the scabbard you show is not a Pack scabbard. Note how the scabbard upper fitting fits poorly to the crossguard ? So if this is a 'good' period Rohm dagger the scabbard has been replaced ?

If you bought it be willing years later have it returned due to the controversy, or until Tom Wittmann's SA tome is published and settles the controversy as indicated in the above seminar.

For Me, I don't want controversy on any Full Rohm dagger in my collection. I want a 'One Looker', and you should too. All IMO.

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