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A very nice tunic on which I bid myself but did not win. So congratulations on a very nice addition!

Tunic is for an Oberleutnant of the 21st Uhlan Regiment (or 3rd Saxon Uhlan Regiment). The shoulder boards should have the number 21 on them but do not.

Name Leutnant der Reserve Nette.

There are 3 or 4 Nette's serving with various Saxon regiments but none are listed with UR21. That being said he might be the Nette listed with 3rd Saxon Hussar Regiment No 20 and who has the rank of Oberlt (retiring from the army as a Hauptmann). He may have been transferred as some point from the Hussars to the Uhlans or vice versa for whatever reason.

After having said that I checked the regimental history of UR21. There no Nette is mentioned having been an officer with UR21. There is however a Oberleutnant der Landwehr mentioned with the name Walter Netto. This seems to me the more likely candidate as no Nette is mentioned on the officers list of UR21.

Dan, if you ever want to sell the tunic please send me a pm. Cheers, Tom

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