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Thanks for the link, Paul. I think I will join. I have only become more active in my collecting lately. As a kid, I collected all manner of items from junk boxes and flea markets (still do, as it bothers me to see them treated that way- my father was USAF in Vietnam, two great-uncles in WWII, and a GGuncle who was in the Spanish American war and a POW in WWII since he was still living in the Philippines, they once meant something to someone). I've picked up several Canadian cap badges lately and three I think are British just this past Saturday. I haven't taken a good look yet. We are installing all new windows, etc., and life is a bit hectic. One might be Herfordshire. They are each mounted to a display board and were marked "military awards" at about $3 each. I do have the Gaylor book, but it's in storage til we finish renovations.
The War Medal was missing it's ribbon, though the hanger is intact, if bent. I suspect it was sold as scrap silver. I "rescued" it from a coin dealer and paid the scrap price for it. I think it would be nice to see it reribboned, if I can. It would be dream to restore the trio, since the Star is probably gone. I will look though.
Im an Anglophile/Commonwealth lover. As a model builder, I have an inordinate love of the Spitfire. I've built or have to build Spitfires in 1/24 to 1/144, including over 2 dozen in 1/72.
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