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I'm amazed at your quick work! I've been searching at least a few hours a month and hadn't matched him up to a particular J Stevenson yet. I had found one in the Argyll who died, one whose family wasn't sure where he went after the War and a few others that didn't match the serial. The British record system is different than what I'm used to for U.S. genealogy, Civil War pensions and trying to find my great uncles units from WWII (tailgunner and an MP). I figured, rightly it seems, that I just didn't know where or how to look. Hats off to you and many thanks. I now have a name. So there could be two more medals out there to find. I will have to keep an eye out. Might i ask the magician his secrets? I'm curious as to what I didn't know to check. The research is the fun part for me.
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