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Humble but loved collection!
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Default Humble but loved collection!

Hi ya all! I started collecting at the age of 14. This was the time i got my very first german helmet shell. It was a M35 bought in Athens in 1979. I still have this shell of course! Over the years i continued collecting and also got some items from my family. ( I am half german half greek.)

I truly am amazed by the collections i see here and i love seeing all these fantastic historical items! My collection is very humble in comparisson, but i still love every item. They are my little time machines. I will post some images to inspire those collectors that dont have "the badget" to collet big. In the end it comes not by how big a collection is, but how much satisfaction each of its pieces give you. Cheap or expensive, they are pieces of history that let you travel back to time a bit.

Regards to all collectors! Keep preserving history!
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