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As promised I found the scanned photo I spoke of. Cannot remember which book it came out of though. The photo is of the Stato Maggiore della Folgore with Vice Comandante Generale Riccardo Bignami in the center with the Capo di SM Maggiore Giovanni Verandi. It is a very interesting photo for a couple of reasons. General Bignami along with two others wear the canvas gym shoes while Maggiore Verandi and one other officer are wearing the grey green wool uniform. It is a shame that the gym shoes are almost always incorrectly identified in books as Italians wearing DAK shoes. The Italian gym shoes were very well made and you would know this by just looking at the soles which are particular in themselves. The Folgore made much use of them during training and it is no surprise that they were found much more comfortable and useful in the desert than the jump boots.
Hope this is of interest to everyone.

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