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Salut Remington. After over 30 years of collecting papers, among all my themes the 17.SS.Pz.Gren.Div.GvB in eastern France, and logically both brigades 49 and 51, I can tell you the photos you are looking for just don't exist. I took part to the last div.meetings and knew personnaly some officers of this unit. In the "Nachlass" from one Rgt.37 officer, I ONCE saw a dozen pictures taken in Molinons, and later southern from Metz. I proposed him 2500 euros for all 12 Pics and a portrait from this EK1 decorated Ostuf. The son just friendly tapped on my shoulders with a wide smile. Just to say you I fear you can write 50x "up" and become nothing, even if I wish you good success in yr project. Don't forget the film rolls were extremely rare back in september 1944, and mostly eshausted 1926 born guys had really something else in mind as taking pictures.
Looking for all Items related to 4.Pz.Div., Kriegsschule POTSDAM, Schule KRAMPNITZ, just drop me a PM !!
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