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Moon tells the story about how they “ requisitioned” the needed vehicles “When we arrived in Viet Nam and were attached to the 611th TC for rations and quarters, they didn’t have enough quarters for their own people,so we had to subsist ourselves on the local economy. We stayed in a local hotel in Vung Tau. It was about a mile and a half or two from the hotel to the flight line where the aircraft were, so we all bought bicycles to ride back and forth. The enlisted men said to us “This is ridiculous!” so they came up with a plan. We would crank up a ’37 and fly to Tan Son Nhut and on the radio when we arrived tell the ground control that we were supposed to pick up some equipment that the enlisted guys had arranged for. We taxied over to the area, kept the rotors turning, opened the front clamshell doors and lowered the ramp. Along came a ¾ ton truck and a jeep. Those were loaded interna lly. We raised the ramp, closed the clamshell doors and called for takeoff instructions. On the way back to Vung Tau I mentioned to the other pilot Bill Roundy, “Do you smell paint?” The enlisted guys were painting over the bumper numbers on those vehicles. They explained that they had taken one of the commander’s jeeps because it was in very good shape. Well, it didn’t take too long, in may be six weeks or so and we pretty much had our own motor pool.
The missions flown by A Flight were varied and spread all over the country from the Delta in the south to up near the border with North Viet Nam.One of the missions was to recover downed aircraft. Moon relates his memories from some of those missions: “I don’ t know how many aircraft recoveries I flew, but it was a lot. When we first got there we were in direct support of the CH- 21 company that was stationed in the Delta. Those poor guys. We recovered as many ‘21’s that fell out of the sky because of mechanical problems than were shot down. They were a death trap. In fact, a guy I graduated with from flight school, Timmy Lang, took his last breath in one of them. You may remember that I gave a tribute to him at the wall the VHPA arranged for at the reunion in Louisville”

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