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This is a Clemen & Jung Lion Head Army Officer's Sword.

If it had the scabbard and the blade was stone mint and the gilding was "fresh" looking on the fittings you'd be looking at around $700ish. That's for a crispy mint one.

Yours has no scabbard and you said the blade has a little rust. Both of these factors have a significant impact on the value. Most guys who would spend in the hundreds for an edged weapon can handle a little blade blemish, but would want it complete.

I think a reasonable sale price for this in today's market would be somewhere around $275 - $325. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but the biggest reason is the lack of the scabbard.

These were private purchase items and would be worn by German Army officers with "walking-out" uniforms (weddings, etc..), or in formation when wearing the parade dress uniform.

I would recommend asking the moderator of this Forum to move this Thread to the Edged Weapons Forum. You'll get much better/more accurate info there than what I've given you.

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