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Originally Posted by Kabous View Post
Below is the most current information I can put together on him. Posting this as this guy has cost honest collectors and dealers tens of thousands of dollars with his activities over the course of years now.

Known names he has used for opening eBay accounts and linked to PayPal accounts-

Vegard Larsen
Vivian Larsen

Location he has used for eBay and PayPal accounts-

Drammen, Norway

Known suspended eBay user names of his-


Known active eBay user names of his-



US shipping address he has used before and currently-

Steve Bakke
Anniston, AL

He may have possibly surfaced on a Vietnam Collectors Facebook page lately, but not confirmed.

USMF posting on him-
This is the same guy without doubt. Same addresses names and MO . . .

Very interesting . . .
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