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This guy is really devious!

I opened the non-paying bidder (NPB) case with e-bay then he sends a request for a new invoice but this time he changed his address from Allen Bakke in Alabama to one in Norway with a new first name in the address, Espen rather than Vivian Larsen. Here is his explanation for what has occurred so far:


I apologize for the delay in communication as I have been temporarily without any Internet connection.
I just had an item shipped to the address in Alabama and it did not change back to my default address.
This is a recurring issue with eBay.
It has been reported numerous times yet the problem persists.

I would prefer to have the item shipped to Norway.
Do you offer the services of USPS?


What a weasel this guy is. If you are an e-bay seller, be sure to block him and don't sell to him in the e-stand either!

Very interesting . . .
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