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Air to Ground Missile
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Default Air to Ground Missile

"Just FYI regarding your observation of the engine exhaust cone, you might not have known that by the fall of 1972, all UH-1 and AH-1 aircraft that remained in-country, were modified with IR suppressors to lessen the vulnerability of those aircraft to the SA-7 shoulder fired, heat-seeking missiles. The suppressors were commonly referred to as “toilet bowels” and both shielded the hot section of the exhaust and dissipated the hot exhaust gasses up and into the rotor wash. The mod kit also involved the placement of a heat shield on both sides of the engine compartment, (which you can also see in those color photos of 728,) as well as a shield placed on the belly of the aircraft, in an attempt to reduce the heat signature radiated out from the oil cooler. While not a 100% fix, it did reduce the rate of successful VC/NVA shoot-downs of both airframes."
John Harris

Opps. Titles should of course be 'Ground to Air missles'
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