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Guys cheers,

In reference to the berets at DBP - the Foreign legion paras wore GREEN, and the Colonial paras wore RED. Both with the same TAP winged dagger badge. I am not entirely sure but I think by this point the Metropolitan paras of the 1er RCP who were there were again wearing RED berets too. They had previously been wearing royal blue but had been ordered by Genechef de Lattre de Tassigny to adopt the red to present a unified appeareance with their colonial comrades. They would, of course, go back to wearing royal blue during the early stages of the Algerian war. Further to the colour issue, nearly all of the berets worn at DBP were of the three-piece construction. (For reenacting purposes a modern day Russian red commando beret is an effective and cheap substitute...)

I think Skot is wearing original French TTA issue socks. They are still quite common and very cheap. I have several pairs of them. Thick and rough, of a dark tan colour.
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