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Two great sources of materials that I use include:

Conservation Resources International:

and Atlantic Protective Pouches:

My method for document protection and storage has been the following:

Mylar/Polyester sleeve with L-Seam - makes inserting documents easier than U-Seam. The document is backed with acid-free paper (the type I use is thicker than most papers - provides a slight bit of rigidity, not a lot). If the document contains unstable inks, I use a sheet of glassine to cover the top of the document - this will prevent any migration of the inks to the mylar surface caused by static electricity. This is somewhat opaque though, so viewing while still possible, is somewhat obscured.

The sleeved documents are placed into a archival storage boxes that include an internalized layer of carbon/zeolyte which assists in absorbing gaseous pollutants that cause accelerated degradation on cellulosic materials.

This probably goes without saying, but one should minimize skin contact with documents, using cotton gloves to handle them and always providing mechanical support to prevent bending, creasing, etc., whenever possible. Minimize contact with direct light, especially strong UV sources like the sun. If one has control over temp. and humidity - cooler temps. are best with RH in the 40-50% range.

Hope any of this is useful!
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