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German & U.S. Ordnance collection
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Default German & U.S. Ordnance collection

Hi all,
A little collection I have put together over the years. The Kwk36 HE in the back right side is a round I put together & over restored purpusly for training & show only(I did 2 of these). All casings & rounds are original. The 12,8cm Flak 40 L80 & Pak 43 casings are restored dug casings that were pitted but still solid. The Pak43 was dug about 3 miles from Bastogne & the Flak40 was dug in Berlin on a construction job 2 years ago. The large Pzgr 39 APCBC round and casing on the left rear row is a Flak38-39 10,5cm. casing and round. One of the 5cm rounds in the center has a cutaway Pzgr40 Arrowhead round.
Hope you enjoy,
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