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The fact that the breast star just has a J G & S mark and not the Godet maker disk in the center reverse one normally sees on Godet-made stars also bothers me. Although, that in itself is not enough to condemn the piece.

The nonsense about the swan French import mark makes no sense to me as the very few originals of these were likely only awarded to German royalty and maybe a field marshal. So, why would it have been imported into France?

Also, both the star's gold parts and the sash badge are silver gilt. It's my understanding that originals of these were awarded pre-WWI and in any case most certainly would have been gold, not gilded.

This sash badge has some issues. If you notice the swords are not flush with the central barrel. There are gaps. The Godet shop would never have allowed such sloppy workmanship. To me, this is a huge red flag.
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