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Originally Posted by bolewts58 View Post
These Godet combined order grand cross breast stars have always been a minefield. Producing these concoctions was a favorite past-time of Ernst Blass in the 1970s and 80s. Given his strong connection with Klietmann with access to Godet dies, much doubt has been cast of any of these combinations that turn up for sale.

I had a look at it and it is extremely well made, except for the Red Eagle riband which looks like others I've seen on Blass fakes. While I'm not impugning eMedals as I'm sure they sold it in good faith, it's hard to be 100% convinced of its authenticity given the checkered history of these types of breast stars.
Originally Posted by VtwinVince View Post
What he said, these extremely rare Prussian orders were copied with a high level of skill forty years ago, so without provenance I wouldn't even look at these. I think Graf Klenau was also behind that run of copies.
Thanks friends,this star is really beautiful,but little confusing than other copies for me because I never saw a JGS marked breast star...the centre seems not good,and the swords are made of silver...So what about the slash badge here ? Seems RAO ribbon is the same with the star

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