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If you jumped into Imperial shoulder straps with your eyes shut you will need good resources. The 3 straps you have look fine and would be for the dark blue pre-WW 1 Waffenrock (tunic). The dark blue underside cloth of the straps goes with the tunic color. The white tops usually indicated the corps the units were part of, but artillery units wore white as the standard color. The little tag on the back references Foot Artillery Regt 10 which I think is correct without looking in a reference. There are exceptions and amazingly unique straps and it can be a complicated area of collecting. So, I will say no more than to buy a copy of Michael A. Kelso's excellent reference from 2016 "Under Arms for the Kaiser Shoulder Insignia of the Imperial German Army's Regiments, 1871-1918. The knowledge therein is well worth the price.
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