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Originally Posted by Volkbert
I recently started to collect DDR medals (and also bought some photos). Yesterday I bought a grouping of 9 medals and documents from Prof. Dr. Karl Greese. In that Konvolut is also a Polish medal: Polen Waffenbrüderschaftsmedaille. Anybody know what that is?
Hi Volkbert,

The Waffenbruderschaftsmedaille were medals unique to the Warsaw Pact Countries, and were specifically created to be awarded to members of other Warsaw Pact Countries by the country of origin.

The DDR for example, had a seris of 3 such medals, awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze. The color denoted the rank of the person receiving the award; the Gold for example being reserved for very senior officers from other countries. These medals sometimes were awarded to servicemembers from the country of origin too.

When they had large Military Maneuvers (War Games) for example, these medals would be awarded from one country to soldiers of another participating country.

Each country had such a medal, although I believe the DDR was the only one to have a set of 3. However, the medals from the other countries, even though consisting of only one, were of much nicer quality, including the one from Poland.

Hope this helps.

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