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Funker displays - Eastern front 1944, SS infantry company
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Default Funker displays - Eastern front 1944, SS infantry company

The Tornister Funktrupp d (Ukw) was the main radio communications troop in infantry units. Fitted with the Torn.Fu.d2, the Funktrupp would typically contain two or three men. The advantage of the Torn.Fu.d2 was that it could be operated while marching.

In this configuration the front Funker carries the radio set, while the actual operator marches behind carrying the battery case. The Funkers have to stay close together as the battery cable is only 1.5 meters long.

 photo DSC06496_zpsbcf1faba.jpg

Our Funkers are marching with their company on a dawn patrol. They would stay in close proximity of the company commander, relaying messages between the company commander and battalion HQ. Again they have been issued a "Sprechtafel" and a "Tasttafel" containing codewords and letter groups to convey tactical messages. They are operating approximately 7 kilometers in front of the batallion HQ, heading towards their first objective "Klaus", a road crossing a few kilometers ahead. At this distance the Funkers can use voice communication, so the operator is wearing his throat microphone to keep his hands free during the march.

They would have been ordered to maintain radio silence until contact with the enemy has been made. The company is now closing on objective "Klaus" with the forward scouts appoaching the junction.

Suddenly shots ring out from the distance, the company deploys in fighting order. Our two Funkers stay together, about 10 meters behind the company commander. More shots, shouting.... The company moves forward, the firing fades. The commander shouts towards the funkers that the objective has been taken and that the enemy has withdrawn. "... Hier Fuchs, Napoleon bitte kommen, Napoleon bitte kommen..." speaks the Funker". Shortly after the answer crackles in his headphone, "Hier Napoleon, Fuchs bitte kommen....". ""Klaus genommen, feind abgestezt" speaks the Funker.... "...verstanden, Napoleon aus..." comes the answer, with that the short communication ends.

 photo DSC06495_zpsf509fa5e.jpg

The company reorganises, the scouts are already moving towards the next objective. "Marsch" orders the company commander and our Funkers continue along the road....

 photo DSC06484_zpsd5be89d3.jpg


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