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Originally Posted by Patty D View Post
Looks like a post war Austrian Bundesheer converted example to me. The bolt box is certainly the post war type. If you see the Bergflak link below, you can see the page which covers this particular part.

I cannot recall seeing a lafette with the rear buffer mount with welds on the top like this example, do you have more pics of this area?

Overall, with it being a post war refurb/modified version the correct price is probably around 1500.
The bolt box was added later, same as the leather pads.
(I did by myself - i‘m the seller. Both is mentioned in the item description and tom is aware about these infos.)
On the bergflak homepage you can find 2 pictures of this particular lafette.
Just check the serial number 8248d.
As he writes - its a MG34 lafette converted to MG42.
Therefor the front mount and the trigger group is modified - nothing else.
The rear mount is still the original piece with the two notches on the inside for the MG34 Grip and with the fsu and WaA stamp on it.
The front weapon mount with the recoil spring support are handcrafted and welded in, but thats the only thing „unusual“ on this lafette and its part of the MG42 conversion.
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