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Default Rg34

Many thanks to Phosphateb for passing this thread along to me. John is aware that I have been researching these kits for some time. I am collecting information for a reference publication of some type specifically addressing the Rg34 cleaning kits. Great pics guys, thanks for sharing. I have a couple of comments and questions that are of interest:

Willi - On your third brush kit: Very nice and unusual in that it appears to have steel retention clips instead of brass. Is this correct? The only examples of these kits I have documented are early models that are marked G. Appel only with no WaA or date. I would appreciate if you could pass along any makers marks or stampings from this kit.

Peter - Thanks of course for all of the information you have provided in the past. Your items are excellent and very scarce. You are of course correct in regard to the third 9mm brush. I am always in awe of your G. Appel 1935 items and the cmr45 with the last type steel loop chain. These very late steel loop chains have also been obxerved in CNX marked kits.

Robert - On your 5.6 (or .22) caliber kit: Are there any makers stamps or dates on the chain toggle or weight? Also of interest is that original period reference material on these kits indicate they were not issued with a takedown tool.

Robert - Great shots of the late war ordnance tan kits. You indicate that both of these kits bear WaA numbers. Could you please advise the numbers for each kit. I am especially interested in the WaA stamp on the rco45 as the examples I have previously recorded have no WaA.

The 64 marked kit is by G. Appel. They changed from the G. Appel marked and dated cans in the late 30's and went to the wartime numerical code of 64. This changed to cnx in 1940 or 41. The last G. Appel kits are stamped with upper case CNX and were probably made in very late 1944 or 45.

I am of the opinion that your 64 marked kit was armory refurbished/repainted and reissued sometime after late 1943 when the ordnance tan paint starts to show up on field gear and equipment. In addition to this kit I have documented the following marks on refurbished/repainted ordnance tan kits: Hawig (logo), Ky1939, and cnx. I am sure there are others.

Carl - Great work on your web site. Very important and valuable. Sorry that I was unable to provide further assistance. I have been unable to do much writing or research since 9/11. My apologies.

Ed - I agee with Willi's assertion that your kit is an rco45. Sometimes those markings are very faint. I suspect that the small brush with wire handle was added by the GI who captured or used the kit. Allied soldiers loved these Rg34 and one will often find US or Brit cleaning equipment, pull-throughs, brushes, grease tubes, etc in the kits. I have cigar box almost full of items removed from kits. I think it will make a neat picture for the book.

Willi - The rco45 stamped takedown tool is rare. Only the third one I have recorded.

I am of the opinion that the takedown tool or "spoon" was included in these kits right up to the end of the war. This is documented by the stamping of late war tools with arr4, arr44, and rco45 as well as the very late "flat stamped" tools often encountered in the cnx marked kits. Willi illustrates one of these on page 1 of this string (middle).

These are my thoughts only and different view points or opinions are encouraged - Lance O. Adams .......
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