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Imperial References: A Personal List
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Default Imperial References: A Personal List

RANK LISTS: giving rank dates, Orders & decorations ONLY, and assignments

Prussia: 1890, 1899 (no rank dates below Majors)

Prussia & Württemberg: 1902, 1905, 1907, 1912, 1913, 1914

German East Asia Expeditionary Force: 1900, 1901

German Navy: 1905, 1908, 1914 (include warrant officers)

German Colonial Forces: 1901, 1906

Bavaria: 1909, 1913, 1916 Military Hand Books (list ALL awards, including jubilee, campaign, & commemorative medals). Lists first names.

Saxony: 1911, 1914 (include living retired officers also). Lists first names.

Württemberg: 1913 Military Hand Book (full birth data & names regulars, rank dates reservists, actual “campaign” participation)

Austro-Hungarian Navy: 1915, 1916 (include warrant officers, retired officers, ALL awards) Lists first names.

Reichsheer: 1924, 1928

Reichsmarine: 1926, 1931 (only seniority sections, with awards)

SENIORITY LISTS: give only rank dates of regulars generally. Mark * = list some awards

German Army & Navy: 1909, 1911 (regular officers only, by units)

Prussia & Württemberg: 1917, 1918, 1919 (actually as of December 31 of previous year)

Bavaria: 1916 (ALL awards) 1918* (includes first names)

Saxony: 1918 (regular officers only, including medical and zD)

German Navy: 1918*, 1937 (1918 includes reserve officers, 1937 for regulars only)

Württemberg: 1917 for 13th Army Corps home establishment (includes dR & dL with rank dates)

Reichsheer: 1 February 1922 (Captains up only regulars). 1 April 1923 (all officers, not officials)

SS: 1935 (includes ALL rank dates), 1937* (like 1935), 1942* (Standartenführer up only), 1944* (only Sturmbannführer and up) first names in all

German Army as of 3.1.1939: Podzun’s 1953 edition with ALL regulars, (E), and zD officers: rank dates and unit assignments

German Army: May 1944 (only regular majors & up with promotions to war’s end)

German Army: Commissioned Beamten May 1939 (including reserve and Landwehr)--first names, birth dates, rank date, and assignment)

German Navy: 1 September 1944 (regular officers only, with MIA and POW status)

Luftwaffe: February 1945 (only captains & up for flying & staff branches only with known birth/death dates)

Schutzpolizei & Gendarmerie: Reichsrangliste 1.9.41 all officers from Major up: first names, birth dates, marital status & number of children (! ), NSDAP membership numbers with join dates, SS numbers. Other data "to be added after the war."

POSITION LISTS: give only unit assignments without rank dates for commanders & staff only

XV Army Corps: mid-1915 (lists pre-war units for all attached officers including dR & dL)

Reichsheer: 1920, 1921 (includes odd cases of dR, dL, & naval officers assigned to army)

Reichsheer & Reichsmarine: 1923/24 (Btn COs & Btn Adjutants up, staff & senior Beamten)


Honor Rank List for the German Navy 1914-18: incredibly detailed. Birth dates, first names, death dates, entry &
retirement dates, month by month wartime assignments, post-war death & promotion dates. ALL officers, including dR, dSW, recalled retirees, cadets. Only basic data on Beamten. Also includes data on fates of all warships. Published 1930.

Honor Rank List for the German Army 1914-18: regular officers and Beamten only. Lists last wartime commands from regimental levels up, death dates & unit in which killed, staff posts, retirement ranks, and death dates up to 1926 publication date. Includes recalled regular retirees with their last assignments, regardless of command level. Prussia, Württemberg, Bavaria, and Saxony.

Honor Rank List for Intendance Officials of the German Army & Navy 1914-18: lists ALL supply branch Beamten of officer equivalent ranks, with birth year, entry year, last rank date, full WWI service assignments, ALL awards, and civilian or military positions as of 1929.

Roll of War Dead of the German Nobility 1914-1919: published by Almanach de Gotha, gives full names, family data (sibling/parental relationships to other fatalities), death dates & units. Includes ALL deaths of military personnel--combat or non-combat, as well as noble civilians who died on war service--including air raid losses and several killed by Allied spies!

Helden Gedenkmappe” of German Noble War Dead 1921: vastly more data than the above on families. HUGE version of the above.

German Navy Birthday Book: 1914, 1939 (month and day born, regulars only, and their wives)

German Naval Engineers Association Membership Directory: 1938 (lists most first names, entry year, retired rank, and address or 1938 rank in Wehrmacht)

German Naval Officers Association Membership Directory: 1928, 1931, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1960, 1963, 1983, 1991 (members mostly from executive branch, including reservists, with some medical and technical members. First names, birth months/days, entry year, retired or active ranks, home address, business positions and addresses, wives 1960+)

Augsburg & Environs Telephone Directory: 1941 (useful for Party & military data)

Bavarian Cadet Corps Membership Directory: 1955, 1969 (lists cadet years, last rank held, current address, civilian occupations)

Bund der Asienkämpfer magazines: virtually complete run 1919-1938 with detailed campaign, unit, & membership data for WWI German servicemen of Palestine/Turkish etc fronts. Amazingly precise and detailed information on many tiny units, including men’s names!

German casualty list for the 1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion in China: gives units, hometowns, type of wound, death dates

Stuttgart’s WWI War Dead: lists every city resident killed--1/8th of all Württemberg fatalities: units, dates/places b. & d.

Reichsbahn 1934: “senior officials” (full names, birthdates, entry dates, promotion dates and assignments)


Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1859: ALL state employees, with cute mini glyphs of their awards

Württemberg 1909: all officer level civil servants and officers--first names and awards

Unit Histories/Orders of Battle:

German Army January 1939 Position List: only gives top commanders (Btn level up). but lists all peacetime units, so most useful as initial WW2 Order of Battle

Die Schlachten und Gefechte des Weltkrieges 1914-18: 1919 German General Staff listing of engagements for the entire army from Division level up, with unit citations down to individual companies or airships, etc cited for extraordinary achievements. These are the campaign lists as noted in soldiers’ Militärpass books.

Das Bayernbuch vom Weltkriege 1914-18: 2 volumes on the Bavarian army, with complete Orders of Battle, lists of all regimental COs, portraits of Generals, lists of high award recipients, and representative excerpts from unit campaign histories. Many maps. Gives units raised or stationed in every town in Bavaria. Complete list of every unit.

Die Bayern im Grossen Kriege 1914-18: earlier, less detailed Bavarian Order of Battle

German Army Handbook 1918: printed by British army intelligence. Gives organization & numbering, etc of almost all German u nits. Useful for tracking technical companies etc normally not even listed in Orders of Battle. Shoulder strap ciphers to ID POWs, etc.

History of 251 Divisions of the German Army 1914-18: US military intelligence post-war reprint of British MI’s Order of Battle for every German division. Natural wartime flaws and errors, but best basic OoB for German army in WWI. Fairly recent OoP reprints show up.

German Army Order of Battle WW2: condensed version of US MI listing, by divisions and up.

German Army INFANTRY Divisions full OoB for all units assigned.
German Army PANZER Divisions full OoB as above. Both part of an ongoing modern British series, focussed solely on units assigned and their equipment, NOT where they served. Insanely irritating use of regular numbers instead of German usage Roman numberals, so cannot tell "3" Company from "III" Battalion.

“Hitler’s Legions”: WW2 OoB for land forces including Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS, fleshes out the above, since it
generally lists divisional support units, but appalling errors on COs

Ehrenbuch der Grünen Farbe: selected excerpts from WWI unit histories for every single German Jäger battalion

Die K. B. Schwere Artillerie im Grossen Kriege: invaluable Bavarian heavy artillery histories for ALL Fussartillerie units. As Corps troops, these units do not usually show up in Orders of Battle. This gives campaign accounts as well as every single commander from battery level up, regular and reserves, with command dates. Unindexed.

German WWI Regimental Histories: Wtbg Ldw Inf Rgt 13, Bav Jäger Rgt 15, Bav Inf Rgt 21, Bremen Inf Rgt 75
(details down to all EK I winners’ award dates!), Res Inf Rgt 39, Res Inf Rgt 83, Inf Rgt 163, Res Feldart Rgt 15, Matrosen Rgt 2. All 1920s-30s with varying detail. Most include casualty rolls.

Schlachten des Weltkrieges: German 1920s General Staff campaign histories. Each is very detailed, with OoB and maps, some illustrations. Have: Easter Battle Arras 1917 part II, Fall Battles in Macedonia 1916, Carpathian /Dniester Battles 1915, “German Victories 1918,” (March-April offensive in France)
German Navy “War At Sea” series 1920s: Baltic Operations 1914

Various Michelin “Guides to the Battlefields” in French and English: 1918 (!) into 1920s

Turkish WWI Order of Battle: British Military Intelligence

Turkish Army Handbook: WWI BMI as above. Describes training, uniforms etc

Various WWI British & US intelligence maps showing German positions down to regiments

British Vessels Lost at Sea 1914-18: official listing of military and merchant losses, including ships attacked but not sunk

Axis Submarine Successes 1939-45: lists Allied vessels sunk, damaged, and attacked by submarines of Germany, Italy, Finland, and Japan

German Warships 1815-1945: service and fates of almost all WWI & WW2 surface vessels and submarines

German U-boat losses WWI & WW2: gives COs, circumstances, # casualties/survivors

German merchant navy ships lost WW2: dates, places


Gothaischer Hofkalendar 1917: world princely families’ listed, as are all (unindexed) world diplomatic personnel--unindexed!

Crew list of S.M.S. Emden: biographies and portraits of officers killed, all crew listed by rank with hometown and whether dead or POW.

Wer Ist’s?”: 1935 Third Reich issue. The only “Who’s Who?” published under the Nazis

Die Generale des Heeres: Podzun Verlag 1950s biographical work on all army generals including Beamten who served after 1st September 1939. Lists birth and death dates (as of circa 1955), entry dates, Leutnant commission date, and post-1932 promotions and assignments. This is the 1983 reprint: some gaps from the original due to condensing. Data on Beamten often very limited.

Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945: massive four volume set with life to death service records of all German admirals, with post-WW2 data up to circa 1990s. Virtually every entry contains portrait, all promotion dates, and day by day assignments. Beamten information often quite limited. Unmatched reference source unlikely to be reprinted.

Deutschlands Generale: Luftwaffe 1935-1945. Three volumes, same as Admirals’ format and detail. Current up to publication dates in early 1990s.

Waffen-SS Divisional Commanders: excellent detailed, illustrated biographies of all, by name A – Z, by Mark Yerger.

"German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary," 1999 English translation of Rainer Busch's and Hans-Joachim Röll's 1996 listing of all officers who commanded submarines in WW2, with thumbnail ital information and Third Reich career details.

SS Concentration Camp Officers: almost 1,000 officers’ basic service records: names, dates, numbers, with post-war fates where known. By MacLean. Author estimates he has covered 90% of these war criminals. Few illus.

SS Einsatzgruppen Officers: by MacLean. Fullest accounting in print of all involved officers’ personnel data.


Deutscher Ordens-Almanach: 1908-1909 issue. Sporadically issued “vanity” listing of “ all German Decoration
holders,” to quote preface. This was the last edition. Invaluable source for civilians. Often includes first name and birthdates/places for thousands and thousands of holders of Orders, decorations, campaign, and jubilee medals, with addresses and military/civilian positions as of 1908. For KNOWN recipients of say 1870 vintage, The Best. Simply to try "finding" an unknown group, from TINY double page columns of yet another system of glyphs and abbreviations would drive a saint mad!

Bayerns Goldenes Ehrenbuch 1914-18: lists all Max-Joseph and Military-Medical Order recipients as well as holders of the gold and silver Bravery Medals. Each accompanied by birth and career data, military posting at time of award, and brief version of the action citation. No other source for MMO or BM recipients. I have the original, but there is a modern reprint available.

Virtuti Pro Patria”: 1966 history of the Military-Max-Joseph Order, issued by the recipients’ association. Detailed
biographies of all WWI holders right up to publication date, with promotions, assignments, other awards, and family data. Quite detailed information.

History of the Saxon Military St. Henry Order: published in German by the recipients’ association in 1937. Lists all WWI holders with full names, birthdates, units, and award citation. No post-WWI information, however.

AWARDS-Lists of Recipients:

Baden: Rolls for virtually all awards for World War One. (No late 1918 awards) Gives dates and positions, most first names. (Autengruber)

Bavaria: WWI Award Rolls for all classes and types of the Military Merit Order, except for 4th Class with Swords on the frontline ribbon to Lieutenants. Gives dates and positions, most first names. (Autengruber)

Prussia: WWI Award Rolls for the Hohenzollern House Order with Swords. Poor non-detailed (because that's how they were published at the time) chronological listing without units or first names, unlike the other WWI Rolls. (Autengruber)

Saxe-Altenburg: WWI Award Rolls for all awards granted by this Thuringian Duchy. Names, dates, units. (Autengruber)

Saxony: WW1 Award Rolls for all grades of the Albert and Civil Merit Orders with Swords, and Honor Cross w/Xs (Autengruber)

Waldeck: WWI Award Rolls for all awards. Full names, units, dates. (Autengruber)

German Lifesaving Medal Holders Association 1938 Directory: lists 1,685 member recipients “of 2,600 living holders” by Nazi Gau areas, with birthdates and current rank/profession and address. Unfortunately, NO indication of WHICH lifesaving medal, or WHEN each recipient received their award. The only distinctions are “medal on ribbon,” “medallion,” and “reward for lifesaving.” Most of the members seem to have been holders of the Prussian medals. Virtually all are civilians. NO INDEX. Many representative citations are given, with surprising information on retroactive bestowals due to break in contact with the colonies 1914-18 and during the gap 1919-25 when no Prussian medals were made. Foreign lifesaving awards ARE listed exactly.

NSDAP Golden Party Badge holders for Gau Hessen-Nassau: listed chronologically by badge serial number, with recipients’ full names, date they joined the Nazi Party, and 1941 home addresses

Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross: 1980s volume published by the recipients’ association, with addenda/corrections volume. No other listing is official. Gives names, unit, rank, and WW2 deaths.

Pour le Merite list of WWI recipients with award dates. There are numerous books providing that basic "list."

Saxon Military St. Henry Order Gold Medal: late 1930s unpublished list for the recipients’ internal association use. Lists all holders with birth, rank, unit data, current jobs and addresses, with next of kin for deceased members.

Lippe-Detmold Order of the Honor Cross IV B (Knight 2nd Class): official roll for all civil and military holders of this class 1914-1918. Full name, birthdate & place, award date, rank, unit, fatality and promotion within Order data.

U.S. “Military Order of the Dragon” fraternal “order” of Boxer Rebellion officer veterans: list of German honorary

Neal O’Connor’s outstanding volumes on German WWI aviation award recipients for (by volumes): Baden (Over The Front, in 2 issues); Bavaria; Prussia; Saxony; Württemberg; Thuringia (Anhalt, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg, saxe-Meiningen, Saxe-Weimar, Reuss, Schwarzburg); Baden and Oldenburg; Brunswick, Hesse, Hohenzollern, Lippe-Detmold, Schaumburg-Lippe, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Waldeck, Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck. Massive listings of awards with dates and great personal details. Focussed on aviators, but the information on the awards is more complete than any other English language sources in or just out of print. For "the most" on WW1 era military awards, this series is The Choice.

NSDAP Blood Order: list of recipients, with serial numbers for the original 1,500 awards. Name and November 1923 unit, or post-1934 home town for subsequent awardees. This “highest decoration of the NSDAP” was given almost entirely to NON-Nazis and post-1933 Austrian Nazis!!!

Prussian Military Merit Cross in Gold: list of all recipients with WWI award date, rank, & unit, 1980s

German Crosses in Gold and Silver: All. Kriegsmarine recipients include birth dates, 1980s

Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross: sketchy to detailed biographies with award dates. Less detail on people like Reichsbahn locomotive engineers than on Party/military bigwigs, of course, 1980s

AWARDS-Historical/Reference: descriptions, award numbers, types, etc

"Pour le Merite und Tapferkeitsmedaille," K.-G. Klietmann's 1966 paperback survey of German Imperial and Third Reich decorations and those of Germany's allies in either World War. Brief statutory data, often award numbers. A pioneer work still valuable as a basic reference, "all under one cover."

"Die Orden des Königreiches Sachsen" (undated, ca 1998) by Weber, Arnold, and Keil (publisher Graf Klenau) PERFECT hard cover, color illustrated collector oriented reference book on Saxon Orders, with a wealth of DETAILED information on types and numbers, with award documents and data on makers.

"Prussia: Award Documents and Authorization Certificates 1793-1972" by Dietmar Raksch, published as the first in a state by state series planned by Detlev Niemann. Massive book with staggering array of full page illustrations of award documents. English and German, with brief but detailed data on "why and who" and award numbers. The German text is better.

Various German regulations for mounting precedence 1906-1942, award regulations for long service, wound, sports badges etc (hint: every source in print is WRONG about 1st two types of SA Sports Badge requirements…)

Charts identifying campaign bar combinations to units: German 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War Medal (by Corps or cavalry division)

Awards & Insignia of the German Freikorps by V B Ager--the best and still only English language sources for these

Von Hessenthal and Schreiber’s “German Medals”: often gives numbers of Imperial awards. I have the 1940 edition. THE pioneer German COLLECTORS' book, with much data on weights, measurements, statutes, some award numbers, variants-- and FAKES. All black and white, poor illustrations by modern standards, but extremely useful for MEDALS only (Orders are NOT covered) for all the German states and Austria, with the new Third Reich awards.

That's just my personal library, with the sort of information that is (or was!) out there, what can and can't be found in each.

Although fantastic new references sources are coming out, like the WW1 award rolls being published by Michael Autengruber, or the planned series from Niemann and Klenau, it is VERY hard to build up any sort of "broad" Imperial library. Even many of the O'Connor volumes are now out of print. Only FOCUS on one area or period can narrow down the almost hopeless task of assembling an all-encompassing library--unless you have plenty of room and even more cash!

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