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I agree that indications are that this was not a chute for standard paras. I'm wondering if it might have been intended for covert insertions for special services agents, pathfinders, or others that would be dropped low and without the many kilos of junk that normal soldiers carry (including things like mortar tubes). For such insertions a reserve chute might not serve much of a purpose because by the time trouble is detected so would the ground

Of course it could have been for pilots. Having it be camo would make sense in that once on the ground the pilot would not want the chute/pack discovered.

Gordon, the expiration date is indeed an excellent reason to explain why so few chutes survive. Other types of outdated stuff tended to stay around because they still had some potential service left in them. But an outdated chute? Not worth keeping around. Plus, thinking about it more, the chutes would be concentrated in a very small number of storage locations, unlike other forms of surplus. So if the edict is to destroy everything older than x date, there's probably a better chance that the destruction happened. Other surplus was more likely to get lost track of or nobody really caring about.

All theories

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