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Pat's original idea for the thread was to set up a reference for the different types of uniforms worn by the BGS, the dates they changed over from one to the other and probably when and what insignia was in use. Since no one seems able to do that so far. I am going to start with the oldest BGS uniform that I have that is not in storage. According to the "Bekleidungswirtschaft im BGS", whom I contacted in June of 2004 when I acquired this uniform, it was worn from 1952 until 1971 when they changed uniforms. They are a bit off the mark here as my tunic is dated 1976 and pictures in "Der BGS Geschichte der Budespolizei" by Reinhard Scholzen indicate it was still in wear in 1980. They did comment that it was an authentic uniform as worn by a person in the rank of Prsident. At the time I contacted the BGS about this tunic there were only 5 men who held this rank. I do not know how many men held that rank in the 1970s but iwas possibly less (4) as when East and West Gemrnay reunited a new BGS area of Grenschutzprsidium Ost was created that included most of the old East Germany.
Some comments about the tunic pictured. All of the buttons on the tunic are period except for the left breast pocket and possibly the shoulderboards. It is quite likely that some previous owner bought this as a "stripped" tunic and tried to put the correct insignia back on it hence the three newer buttons dating from later BGS general officers uniforms. The "eagles" on the shoulderboards do not belong there according to the BGS clothing office. They suggest they may be early cap eagles as the BGS never had this type of insignia. This is a distinct possibility but since they were not correct in their original communications I have left them where they are. In any event, if I were to remove them the imprint of the eagles would remain as they have been there for some time. There is faint evidence of where the gold embroidered arm shield has been removed from the tunics left arm. Now, on to the pictures.
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