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The beret badge is a you described. It is metal. The beret looks like it should be maroon. For dress uniform, Kragenspiegel and Waffenfarbe on shoulderboards is gold, as is Litze for field jacket. Unit patch worn on left sleeve pocket.

Other insignia depends on rank/experience. Like any other BW personnel, they can wear up to 2 Tätigkeitsabzeichen above right breast pocket, but none are specific to Fernspähtruppen that I know about ("Personal im allgemeinen Heeresdienst" is fairly common). Leistungsabzeichen is rather standard, worn on left breast pocket. Correct current-issue insignia is all black stitching on oliv backround. Some insignia on is fantasy pieces or mislabeled though.

Not sure if they qualify for Einzelkämpferzbzeichen or not. I am sure Nico knows.


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