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Please read before checking Feldpost numbers.
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Default Please read before checking Feldpost numbers.

Fieldpost Numbers

Enter the number you're researching into the field "oder Nummer eines Nummernstempels"

Don't include any letters

If your number begins with a 0 and you get no result, try leaving off the 0.

If possible please indicate a date or year when searching for Feldpost numbers (FP Nr.) as many of these numbers were in use by different units during the war.
The unit might be given a new number when reorganised, allocated to a new unit if destroyed etc.

For example:

FP Nr. 25074

(Mobilisation-1.1.1940) 12 Kompanie, Infanterie Regiment 203
(2.1.1940-27.4.1940) cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 27077 E
(28.4.1940-14.9.1940) Truppenübungs Kommandantur Coetquidan AOK 6
(19.7.1941-14.2.1942) Truppenübungsplatz Kommandantur Coetqidan
(31.7.1942-9.2.1943) cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 20 275 G
(24.8.1943-5.4.1944) 15.9.1943 1 kleine Kraftwagen Kolonne Infanterie Divisions Kolonne 392 (Kroat.)
(24.8.1943-5.4.1944) 15.3.1944 1 kleine Kraftwagen Kolonne Infanterie Divisions Nachschub-Trupp 392 (Kroat.)

Other details to note:

Some FP Nr. had prefixes:
M - Marine.....Kriegsmarine
L - Luftwaffe.

and many had suffixes:

A - Stab (Battalion), I., II. etc.
B - 1 Kp. (5 in II. Btl., 9 Kp. in III.)
C - 2 Kp. (6 in II. Btl. 10 Kp. for III. and so on)
D - 3 Kp.
E - 4 Kp.

Further suffixes could be used if the Battalion had more Companies...for example Gebirgsjäger units normally had 5 companies per Battalion.

F - 5 Kp.

For Sammlung (or collection) Feldpost any suffix could be used as these normally identified units in a particular town...A-Z could be used..if more than that then AA-ZZ.

For example:

Sammel Feldpostnummer 01402 (Lille)

A Abwehr-Nebenstelle Lille, cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 00003, 4.10.1943 Ortskommandantur (B) 715, 28.2.1944 Ortskommandantur (B) 715 u. Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 809, 15.11.1944 Ortskommandantur (B) 715, cancelled 25.11.1944.
B Ortskommandantur (I) 914, cancelled 1943.
C Feldnachrichten-Kommandantur 24, cancelled 12.10.1944.
D H.Verpflegungs-Dienststelle 680 u. 681, cancelled 7.11.1944.
CF 28.8.1944 Baunachschublager der Luftwaffe Lille, cancelled 20.3.1945.
CG 28.8.1944 Bezirks-Bauleitung der Luftwaffe Lille, cancelled 20.3.1945.
CT 25.8.1944 Einsatzgruppe West Eisenbahneinsatz, cancelled 1.11.1944.

Other suffixes that could be used on Stab (Staff)
R - Regiments Stab - Regiments Staff
N - Nachrichten Zug - Signals platoon

Another thing to note is that FP Nr. were normally in the range 00001-68099 and 80002-87919.

Regards, Ian
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